What is a Woven Spark?

Woven Spark Quilt Company launched in March 2020 by Sean & Emily Hollingsworth. We are an online only fabric shop based in Houston, Texas. We prioritize material quality and fast shipment times to get you creating as quickly as possible! While artists are all inspired in different ways, I am highly tactile and find inspiration in the color and texture of the materials I use. When I observe and touch fabric, I can instantly imagine it as a handbag, quilt, clothing or other design and feel inspired to make the raw material into what I feel it wants to be! To me, fabric is an art supply just like paint and provides a creative spark and a call to action. That is how the idea of Woven Spark came to be! Would you say you are inspired by your materials or do you have a design concept and search for the right tools to bring your vision to life? We would love to hear from you and support you on your creative journey!